Vitamin C + Alpha Arbutin serum

Vitamin C + Alpha Arbutin serum

₹ 599
Description :

Trizaa Vitamin C + Alpha Arbutin face serum is derived from the purest and most potent form of Vitamin C that improves skin radiance, fights free radicals, and boosts collagen. Combined with the benefits of Alpha Arbutin, the serum helps treat hyperpigmentation to reveal even-toned skin.


Skin Concerns it targets:

  • Dullness
  • Skin ageing
  • Hyperpigmentation

Suitable For: all skin types, especially recommended for people troubled with dull skin showing signs of maturity, and hyperpigmentation.


KEY Ingredients:

  • 8% L-ascorbic acid: a potent form of vitamin C that helps brighten and even-tone skin while reducing signs of skin ageing
  • 2% Alpha Arbutin: reduces marks caused due to sun damage and helps combat hyperpigmentation
Ingredients :
  • Alpha Arbutin
  • L-ascorbic acid
  • Propylene Glycol
Product Name : Vitamin C + Alpha Arbutin serum

How To Use :
  • Gently cleanse your face and follow up with a toner
  • Take a few drops of Trizaa Vitamin C + Alpha Arbutin serum and tap it gently into the skin
  • Follow-up with a moisturiser
  • Note: use a broad-spectrum SPF during the day

What Makes it Special:

The serum contains an efficient blend of Vitamin C and Alpha Arbutin, creating the perfect skin brightening potion that helps recover skin from damage caused by sun exposure, acne marks, as well as hyperpigmentation. The serum helps achieve radiant, even-toned, and healthy skin.

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